Dogs 3D Slot

Dogs 3D Slot Dogs 3D Slot
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Man’s Best Friend

Just when you thought Specialty games had run out of ideas, then it comes up with Dogs 3D slot. Most probably, it was aware of people’s interest in dogs. Could that be the reason why they refer to these creatures as man’s best friend? Well, thinking in that line is one thing, while living up to the belief is another. This 30 payline game slot will have you running alongside popular dog breeds in the world, thanks to split symbols, wilds, and free game bonuses.

The Theme

If you are a fan of dog racing, Dogs 3D casino slot online is one of the best video games you can come across. Not only is it easy-to-comprehend, but it also offers the player what the needs to enjoy the gameplay. You will never find any other casino with high-quality graphics and soundtracks. Think of it as your breakthrough after playing boring online games.

How to Play Dogs 3d Slot Machine Online

 Dogs on a run

Imagine yourself running alongside prestigious dog breeds in the world including Doberman, bull terrier, and Rottweiler and many others. Symbols include;

  • Playing cards-Jack through ace
  • The game’s logo
  • Dog’s Paws
  • Split symbols

Anytime you land on the game’s Logo, know it is the wild symbol. It can be used to replace all non-scatter symbols to increase your winnings and win your 12 free games in each spin. Dog’s paws, on the other hand, is the scatter symbol. Landing the split symbols will work to your advantage since a combination of 10 can take the place of five regular symbols.

Special Features

Dogs 3D free game has features that best describe its gameplay. Here’s a simple illustration;

Split symbols

Don’t take this the wrong way, but what is your understanding of a split symbol? Simple. They are ordinary icons, only that they have been divided into two on the same grid on the slot position and operate as two common symbols. For instance, you can win thanks to 10 combinations instead of five found in most casinos online.

Free Games

To qualify for the Free Spins Game Bonus round, you are required to land a least three split Dog paws (scatter) or two split dog paws symbols, and one common symbol on any play line. In the first case, you will win 12 free games while the second wins you six free games. Ensure all these scatter symbols are lined up on reels 2, 3 and 4.

Wild dogs

As expected, Dogs 3D slot’s logo is the wild symbol. It can replace all other symbols and also act as a split symbol. When doing so, ensure you tailor the coin size and the number of paylines to suit your needs.

Lucky Coin Bonus

If you land the Lucky coin icon on reels 2, 3 and 4, an extra coin will be added to your total points. Consider it a breakthrough to the mini, minor, major or mega prize pot value.

Fortune Dogs

This is where the real action takes place. Anytime a dog symbol appears on the first reel, and other symbols will change to Double symbols. Also, the same symbols on the 1st and 5th reels will sum up as three symbols.

How to win Dogs 3D game


There are plenty of tips to use when it comes to this game. In as much as Dogs 3D slot doesn’t offer betting options like others, it outlines the simplest strategies to help you win good money if you are a beginner. To play Dogs 3D slot for real money, you can go for the simplest bets found on the right-hand side of your screen. Focus on the six runners listed to realize the three potential wagers. It will predict the dog that makes it to the first position. Should you make accurate predictions for the top two contenders, you become an instant winner. How about that?

Note; the bets are calculated in decimals hence it is expressed in a ratio of the wager. That includes the first bet you have placed. Feel free to tailor multiple bets while eyeing the big prize at no pressure.

A Canine Affair

If you want to experience the real greyhound racing, this is the game to go for. By the time you are done reading and understanding what the gameplay is all about, you will start feeling like a jackpot winner. Specialty games have installed safeguarding measures to ensure cheats don’t get their way. In fact, it is highly unlikely to win without playing by the rules. Apart from the unknown RTP, the game has a high potential in the gambling industry considering its high quality graphics and sound tracks. Here’s the chance to discover what awaits you.

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