£1 Million Monopoly Slot

£1 Million Monopoly Slot £1 Million Monopoly Slot
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About the Game £1 Million Monopoly Slot

£1 Million Monopoly slot is a Christmas-inspired video game from Inchinn. Some of its features are similar to Monopoly boards only that they provide different payouts. The game offers every player the opportunity to walk away with real money rather than fun-filled action. The slot game has three variants which a player can explore with the 15 different winning chances. Who knows? If luck befall on you, you could be announced the slot game could reward with you with a jackpot prize of £200. Let’s find out more details about the £1 Million Monopoly slot machine online.

An Epitome of Monopoly Board Games

Have you played Monopoly board before? Well, you will discover amazing similarities between it and £1 Million Monopoly game. This time, ensure you win some seriously appealing payouts. Think of it as the chance to challenge your highest score on the board game. Stay tuned to more facts, tips, and rules surrounding the game.

£1 Million Monopoly is a five-reel, twenty payline video game with a couple of features to fulfil your gambling needs. Right from the start, you will hear thematic soundtracks as well as animations that will leave you glued to your screen. After the gameplay comes to a close, you will understand its objectives. So, here is your chance to play £1 Million Monopoly casino slot online through your mobile device in real money online casinos.

£1 Million Monopoly Free Iconic Symbols

By now, any player with a Monopoly gaming experience must have acknowledged the game since it has been in existence since time immemorial. The instant gameplay will help you reminisce on its previous symbols and features in a varied version that players can wager instead of just casual playing like with the board game.

If you take a closer look at the board game, you will realize that it is popular in both instances. You will see colours such as yellow, pink, green, orange, red, and blue. You will also notice renowned destinations such as Pall Mall, Angel Islington, and Leicester Square among others.

Take advantage of symbols such as;

  • Sports car
  • Old boot
  • Iron
  • Dog
  • Ship
  • Top hat

Find out which one is your preferred choice then maximize on its winnings.

What would any board do without the action of rolling dice? Well, you can be searching for Mr. Monoploy to ensure you sail through to the next round and increase your chances of winning big prizes. As always, the game’s provider has put safety measures to guard against cheats.

Be a Millionaire for the First Time

No matter where you are from, it is highly unlikely that you would miss out on such an opportunity. Besides, you can’t wake up one day to find a million bucks piled on your bedside. Fortunately, the slot offers you the opportunity to win your 1 Million for the very first time. You can play all the four different games, but your chances of winning are quite slim. Still, you don’t have to despair as you have undeniable entertainment value thanks to magnificent graphics.

How to Play £1 Million Monopoly for Real Money

The gameplay will commence from the left-hand side of the card. Of course, it operates on six different rows, each of which is placed on a different area within the board. The strategy here is to turn over the cards and make identical combinations to win good money. Remember, each play line has a different price tag attached to it. As the name suggests, 1 million Euros is the top jackpot prize.

Extra Dice Games

To make the game more interesting, two more games have been introduced. The first one involves two dice. You are required to select the roll button and try to land twice; after the two dices land on the worthy reward payout. If you manage to add all the symbols to 10 in the last column which also has 5 rows, you will become a winner. The final game is marked with a secret symbol. You need to find out its role to indicate the amount you are set to win. Meeting Mr. Monopoly himself will ensure you get a handsome reward.

Be a Business Mogul

Isn’t it amazing how a simple casino slot can transform the mind of an ordinary gambler? By the time you start winning these prizes, you will have gotten business ideas; including being a successful real estate investor. Of course, it isn’t about building eateries as such, but it is your chance to win 15 different play lines on the same card. Christmas comes early with most Monopoly board games, and £1 Million Monopoly slot isn’t about to back down on this concept. Unfortunately, this game lacks a known RTP, free spins feature, and Bonus features. Could this be the reason the 1 million deal was created? Well, you can never know unless you try your luck!

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