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If you consider yourself a true online gambling fan read on the story of how it all began for the SHFL entertainment.

Read on to learn how over the years Shuffle Master has become not only the leader in the Utility Products manufacturing business by producing card shufflers, chip sorters and even table system modules but also in the entertainment products manufacturing by producing products such as multi-player game platforms and table games platforms too.

They are a serious developer and an ineradicable part of the gambling world which is here to stay for the years to come.

Shuffle Master`s Story

Their story started way back in 1983 when a former truck driver named John Breeding read an interesting article about card counting in blackjack. This spectacular idea “light up” like a bulb in his head and in an instant he chose to borrow $30,000 and develop a mechanical shuffler.

The idea behind it all was to help casinos fight back against frauds and card counting. Years and years of experimenting, trialling and creating led to the development of the first shufflers (BG-1, 2 and 3).

This device allowed the cards to be shuffled in between games therefore directly preventing card counting.

The device was released in 1992 in Nevada, and soon enough it spread around casinos across the United States. The casino market considered the device revolutionary, and undoubtedly many years after, they are still used in casinos all over the globe.

Additionally, John invented a new single-deck game named Let it Ride which by the year 1995 generated more profit than their device.

However, it was not until the late 1990s when they choose to move their headquarters from Minneapolis to the Sin City – Las Vegas and expand in the area of creating slot machines too. They started developing licensed slot machines such as Press Your Luck, and the Honeymooners. Shuffle Master and they most certainly contributed to the rapid growth of licensed slots popularity.

Because of their devotion and passion seen through the years, their games have become popular, and we can surely say that more and more casinos each and every year add Shuffle Master’s games to their selection.

Nowadays, (ever since late 2013) SHFL Entertainment or more broadly known by their older name Shuffle Master is a part of Bally Technologies Inc. (manufacturer of slot machines) owned by Scientific Games Corporation. Scientific Games Corporation has more than 80 years of existence under its belt, millions of content customers, and an emphasis on all the right values such as efficiency, innovation, security, and creativity.

Reading the story of how it all began and their development over the years, you wouldn’t be surprised to find out that SHFL was named as one of the 200 small companies in America, a list created by Forbs. It surely is proof of how far they’ve come.

Shuffle Master Games

Although in the beginning, they started by manufacturing the Breeding`s invention-the card shufflers, as the years went by, it was only reasonable to start investing and creating in the slot industry as well.

Since they`ve already established a brand for themselves, it was easier for them to get to the top in a brief period.

In the late 1990s, they started with the developing their first licensed slot machines ever since they have produced continuously more and more Shuffle Master slots each and every single year. Most of their slots are based on popular television shows. This strategic step allows their slots popularity to grow rapidly and efficiently.

We think we can all agree that we accept things better and faster when they are familiar to us, and Shuffle Master thought about this fact too. This is the main reason why they`ve chosen to create Shuffle Master slot machines with a broadly-known theme.

Shuffle Master Slots

As we previously mentioned, their Shuffle Master free slots are mostly created around famous themes. Here are only three of their broad selection of themed-slots.

Three Stooges Slots

One of their first hits that were produced amongst their first slots was the Three Stooges Slots. This slot was inspired by one of the most popular comedic acts in that time, and soon enough it became popular all across the United States.

In this slot which was based on the TV show with the same name, you are able to see all sorts of videos with characters from it. Additionally, this slot is packed with all kinds of bonus games besides the exciting and fun storyline.


Another flawless slot machine that draws the attention of pokies fans was the Flintstones. Yes, they`ve created a slot based on the story of the cute cartoonish people that lived in the Stone Age.

This modern family was the favourite animated sitcom to a number of generations hence it is no wonder that the slot too was a huge success.

Press Your Luck

Last to mention is the slot based on a game show that was popular in the 80s named Press Your Luck.

This slot was just another one of the Shuffle Master`s huge library of slot games. It was a five-reel machine that was brought back briefly in the 2000s for the new generations to play.

Although at its beginning Shuffle Muster wasn’t oriented around the creation of slots, eventually because of the many casino contacts they owned and the already organized, professional, and creative team, they started manufacturing Shuffle Master online slots.

Shuffle Master Table Games

Besides the creation of the automated shufflers, the versatile casino equipment, and the slot machines, they`ve also taken the time to create and redesign different table games such as

  • Baccarat (including side bets),
  • Blackjack (with additional side bets such as Bet the Set),
  • Craps (Sharp Shooter and Fire Bet),
  • Casino Hold’Em,
  • Progressives.

Shuffle Master Electronic Tables

It`s no surprise after all that Shuffle Master casino also chosen to develop electronic table games. Since we are living in a completely digital era or should we call it the era of touch screens, they`ve also designed e-tables which allow gamblers to place bets with the help of touch screens.

Table Master is one of their best sellers when it comes to flexibility and multi-practicality. Video dealers in combination with many real money table games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, and Three-Card Poker make this electronic table game a must-have for every casino.

Social Gaming

Being a part of Scientific Games, Shuffle Master offers to its customers a wide list of various social gambling titles – those which gamers can try without investing real money on social networks (like Facebook, etc.).

The most preferable names in the library of this software provider are Hot Shot Casino, Jackpot Party and Monopoly slots.

Shuffle Master Expansion

Yes, this company started with a plain and simple idea, but over the years they have not only grown but also became one of the biggest companies in the gaming industry.

They are not only widely spread across all casinos in the United States, but they are also present in the online gambling world.

Furthermore, they are also the host of live poker championships where one million dollars are at stakes.

Shuffle Master gaming has more than four hundred full-time employees and is continually growing and expanding in each and every continent and not only in the United States.


Reading the story of how Shuffle Master license succeeded not only in the online gambling industry by designing licensed slot machines but also how starting from the idea John Breeding had, it completely revolutionized the way casino works by the invention of the automated card shufflers is inspiring just as much as its important.

Throughout the years Shuffle Master games have proven to be dedicated to creating innovative solutions, therefore, enriching the gambling entertainment with flawless yet interesting gaming solutions.