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The history of Playtech starts way back in 1999 when it was founded in Tartu, Estonia, by the entrepreneurs with the knowledge collected from various industry fields. During 2001, it lived up to see the first casino launch and received the first gambling business license. Since then, the company makes sure to produce only the best gaming products to release them on a global scale. Today, it represents one of the leading software casino providers for both online and land-based ones. The numbers never lie, and the fact that the company acquired 140 global Playtech licenses, says enough about the working model and ethics.

Nevertheless, not only does the company care about expanding its business platform, the big part of their work is reflected on taking actions towards fulfilling duties demanded by players, operators and shareholders. The CEO of the company Mor Weizer states that there are great things to come and that the whole team is oriented towards further success and achievements that will change the way we experience gambling.

Playtech Solutions

In order of running a successful providing business, it is required to grow accordingly to the needs and wishes of the user community and working affiliate partners. Based on this, the developer came up with several technology solutions to make everyone’s life easier.

  • Information Management Solutions (IMS) – This service powers each product by providing all the necessary tools to run and manage every aspect of their business. It enables licensees to access Playtech’s omnichannel while allowing users to switch between games and platforms easily via a single account.
  • Business Intelligence Technology (BIT) – It’s a complex system which helps company’s growth by providing users with best marketing solutions, based on statistic details collected on a daily basis.
  • Playtech Portal – This portal provides operators to have complete control over the configuration of the front-end solutions over any channel or device.
  • Playtech Open Platform (POP) – Allows licensees access to over 600 most popular online, mobile and third-party games at any point of time or device.

The Fun Part – Gaming

With the previously listed technology solutions, all of the offered Playtech products become available for use across any device platform via only one account. The company covers every gambling aspect by including online casino games, poker, bingo, sports betting, live betting, casual and fixed odds games.

  • Online Casino Games – By bringing eight global studios together to develop Playtech slot machines under one roof, an amazing selection of games are offered that match the user’s preferences, while the Open Platform technology contributes with an additional number of titles. The uniqueness came with the decision to produce Superhero slots in affiliation with the DC franchise. Using the themes from original movies like Justice League, Batman, Superman, Matrix and Robocop, up until today this company has released a great number of Playtech games.

The original products like the Age of the Gods and the Jackpot Giant caused many positive responses from the community. Decorated with top-notch graphic details, 3D visuals and incredibly interesting gameplay, there is no chance that these slots won’t catch your attention and make you happy for a long period of time. Moreover, all their slots can be played in fun and real money modes. Aside from video slots, the game collection expands to involve poker, baccarat and roulette games.

  • Sports betting and Virtual Sports Betting – With the help of a cutting edge 3D technology and advanced gambling engines, Playtech casino has managed to develop a successful Virtual Sports betting platform. The regular Sports betting is available at many locations worldwide and includes betting on your favourite games.

Mobile Playtech Gaming

Regardless of which devices one chooses to use as a daily source of entertainment, the Playtech gaming makes sure that the experience stays at the same level of quality as via more popular platforms such as the desktop. By using the Playtech One mobile app, a user becomes able to access any title instantly independent of place and time. Playtech’s mobile games collection is however not as big as their competitor’s. Nevertheless, the “quality over quantity” always prevails. This way the company managed to release great mobile titles like A Night Out, Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Age of the Gods series, American Dad, Artic Treasure, Batman and The Joker Jewels.

Playtech Slots Winning Strategy

Since most of the Playtech slots are played out by the same rules and with the similar gameplay setups, the strategy for winning a jackpot stays mostly identical and can be applied when playing various numbers of pokies. To stay longer in the game and eventually reach the jackpot win, it is important to stay concentrated on the current balance which is the most deciding factor when deciding which betting size to place on the spin. The optimisation of paylines is also very important as more of them selected automatically means placing a higher amount of coins in a single bet.

By collecting additional knowledge on the theoretical RTP and volatility setting help the player optimise gaming style better. While playing Playtech online slots which involve great number of bonus rounds and special features like the Age of the Gods slot series does, a gambler has to stay as long as possible in the game by placing lower bets, but also catch the winning momentum when it occurs while placing optimised higher bets to increase the chance of unlocking a random special feature.

Vision and Business Strategy

The Playtech uses various methods to expand its business while improving the quality of its product throughout the whole time. Some of the strategies are going to be listed next and explained.

  1. Support organic growth – In 2016 the company increased its growth by 13% by partnering up with various licensees. The plan is to keep doing this further for the order of delivering the best possible product.
  2. Cross-sell products and services – Using their IMS and BI technologies the Playtech allows and encourages its licensees to come up with new products.
  3. Expanding product, service and distribution capabilities – This strategy is based on their ability to distribute all the products across all channels. With various investments in different technologies like Playtech Live, visual racing and casual gaming, this strategy comes useful towards achieving their goals.

Customer Policy and Responsible Gaming

The Playtech cares about its customers and their data every moment. The community’s trust depends on the company’s ability to secure the information. Therefore, this provider made sure to equip the systems with the latest security measurements and has enabled a customer service which is available to customers at any time. Once the problem occurs, all the user has to do is contact the support centre, and they will make sure that the problem vanishes in the smallest period of time. Also, clients can reach the company representatives through the YouTube and LinkedIn (currently, there’s no Facebook official page).

The other way of keeping clients safe and sound is the responsible gaming campaign led by the BetBuddy which makes sure to reduce the negative effects of gambling that might occur due to excessive playing of Playtech free slots. As for the global environment, they make sure that the carbon footprint is reduced to the minimal levels in order of making the world a better place for future generations.


One of the leading companies in the gambling industry with a rich history that began in 1999, the Playtech manages to stay on top of the mountain way above its competitors by investing in new technologies and people that are trying hard each day to achieve great things. By listening carefully to the requirements of licensees and the rest of the community, the company was able to release the best possible gaming product in order to provide a great number of casinos. The next time you are in doubt which provider to trust, just keep in mind that the Playtech is a 100% trustworthy and loyal to your wishes and needs.