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A Brief Overview About MultiSlot Games

Despite its name, MultiSlot is not just a slot machine company. It is a game developer that has table games and video poker in its portfolio. Its software programs are available on desktop and mobile, and it also offers free-to-play gaming modules in social media channels and its affiliate partners.

Features Available in MultiSlot Casino

The game developer has the following feature and services.

  • Back Office Support – apart from creating the modules, MultiSlot also offers a back office operating system. What this means is that the gambling operator can integrate the software easily, and can also manage its customer service front seamlessly.
  • Easy Integration – the provider has a platform that can easily combine and integrate other game genres from other developers. Examples of these are sports booking, live dealer software, account transactions, and monitoring.
  • Bonuses – the platform allows the casino operator to change the bonuses, and implement new ones into the system Operators will love this seamless process as it will make it easier to make offers to gambling patrons.
  • Reporting – programs that run on the company’s back office platform have reports that show numerical and graphical representations of performance.
  • Multi-channel – the programs are made to work in mobile and desktop, and a standalone app is not required to make them work in tablets and phones.
  • Server-Based Solutions – this refers to an engine where the gaming modules will run from the developer’s servers, not from the gambling operators machines. What it does is it allows an interlinking feature that can make the progressive jackpot amount rise really quickly. It also provides the same gaming experience to all players for the same game, even if they are accessing it from different websites.
  • Loyalty Programs – MultiSlot makes it easy for casino operators to create loyalty programs. There is a backend channel that allows the casino management to create, implement, and maintain these VIP programs. With this system, the operators can grant rewards like free spins, bonuses, or cash to their patrons.

MultiSlot Slot Machines and Games

Here is a short list of the kind of gaming selections you will find in the developer’s portfolio.

  • Social Gaming – here, there are several games you can play for free. MultiSlot also has partners with another company named Wedge Busters to help it release its games in the special media platform.
  • Table Games – there are several picks available in this portfolio like baccarat, blackjack, Pai Gow Poker, and craps. All of these run on a machine, and you will be competing against the computer, not a live dealer.
  • Video Poker – there are six selections in this lobby, and you can choose from the different variants such as Jokers Wild, Deuces Wild, and Jacks or Better.
  • Slot Machines – the company has 20 slot machines in its portfolio. These slot machines have different themes, and one will also notice that they have variations in game design and payouts.

Some examples if the slot machines that you can play in the company’s portfolio are:

  • Barnyard Bucks
  • Lucky Mermaid
  • Lost Ruins Treasure
  • Goblins Hideout
  • Slot Wheels

Mobile Gaming Platforms to Access MultiSlot Online Slots and Games

The slot machines and the games will work on any device capable of running HTML5. What this means is that for as long as your device has a browser, you can access the mobile games.

Your other option as a player is to launch the games from your casino app, provided that the casino where you have a membership offers gambling modules from MultiSlot.

You can also access all the selections in the demo version on your desktop or mobile device. There is no need to download them. Just launch them through your browser and you can start playing.

Social Gaming Availability of MultiSlot Free Slots

Social gaming is one of the key strengths of the company. And because it recognises this potential, it has a separate portfolio for social gaming.

To access the game selection, you have to look for SlotBusters Facebook page. You can download the social gaming casino for free. In these games, you will not play with real money, but you can make in-app purchases if you want to progress in the games.

Some Strategies to Use in MultiSlot Gaming Modules

Here are a few strategies that you must remember to help you improve your chances of winning.

For slot machines, follow these tips:

  • Choose MultiSlot slots that have a lot of pay lines. If possible, do not play those that only offer five lines because landing a winning combination is a tad difficult,
  • Make sure all lines have a wager and that they are active. In slot machines, or in any gambling module, you will not get paid for something where you have not bet.
  • Do not plat slots that only award money in the base game. Search for those that have wilds, scatter symbols, and bonus rounds. If you can, look for a slot machine that has a jackpot prize.

For blackjack, follow these winning strategies.

  • Do not buy insurance if the dealer has an Ace for a hole card. It usually is a waste of money, especially if the dealer’s hand is not a blackjack but is higher than yours.
  • Play the game with the same amount of bet. It does not matter if you are losing or winning. You stick to your bet size to prevent big losses.
  • If you can play with a multi-hand, do it. This gives you leverage to bet on multiple hands and possibly break even or win more.
  • Always split 8s and above. You may be betting twice your original amount, but you have the chance to win bigger or at least, break even.

Whatever game you choose, try to play the gaming modules for free if it is your first time. This principle also applies to novice players. The benefit of doing this is that you can afford to make mistakes and not pay for it.

If you play free games, you are giving yourself a chance to:

  • Learn the rules
  • Devise a strategy
  • Test the strategy if it works
  • Lose your bets but not with real cash
  • Make mistakes without betting real money
  • Improve your skills without spending

MultiSlot License and Security Systems

MultiSlot is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. As such, a player has a guarantee that it is compliant with regulatory requirements, and that the company’s programs go through regular check-ups and mandatory audits to ensure fairness.

It is officially recognised by Gambling Labs as a legitimate game provider. Gambling Labs is a third-party organisation that helps keep the gambling industry maintain integrity and credibility.

With two organisations backing it, you can rest assured that the programs are fair and that data privacy and security are not things that you should be worried about.

Review Wrap Up for MultiSlot

The company has several selections in its portfolio, but not big enough to compete with the giants in the industry. However, it must be noted that the quality of the games is competitive enough.

Perhaps the game developer can consider building poker software that will let pokies compete against each other in tournaments. It can also probably start lining up some live dealer games for players who are looking for live action tables.