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A Brief Intro to Merkur Games

Merkur is a software developer based in Germany. It is a part of a larger entity called the Gauselmann Group. If you will consider the whole company, Merkur has a presence in more than 40 countries in the world and has more than 12,000 employees worldwide.

Though you may not have heard of the company as one of the leading developers in the world, it actually has a global presence and a long history of success. The company is more than 60 years old, having been founded in 1957.

Its specialisation lies in physical gaming systems called cabinets which are bought and placed in land-based casinos. Apart from creating the software and the physical paraphernalia, it provides maintenance services in the countries that it services.

Technological Advantage and Features of Merkur Gaming

Here are some of the company’s products that are widely used in land-based casinos worldwide.

  • Avante Garde – it is a line of cabinets that pride high-definition screens. The designs incorporate 27 inches of monitors for a wide angle view. They are also equipped with high-end digital surround sound system that can add excitement to the gaming experience. This cabinet is one of the favourites of operators because they can be easily integrated with various gaming software programs.
  • Avante Garde Trio – this one is made with similar specifications as the Avante Garde, but it features three screens, each with 27 inches of display. The reason it has three screens is that it allows better gaming experience and wider monitors to display the high-end graphics of the games. Overall, the cabinet stands 89 inches tall and 31 inches wide.
  • Merkurstar – this is one of the flagship products of the developer. It only uses a 24” screen, but it is also compatible for integration with many software management systems. However, this can only display one kind of game. The Avant Grade Trio has the capability to store several games in one cabinet.
  • Evostar – it is one of the latest in the game developer’s list of products. Like the Merkurstar, it uses a 24” monitor. It has a USB port that provides customers with a charging port for their mobile devices. The beauty of this cabinet is that the casino operator can install several slot machines or games in it. It is a small cabinet that is only 59 inches in height.

Available Merkur Casino Games

The game developer is primarily focused on slot machines. But it also creates games for other genres such as roulette, keno, and poker classics. These are not live games—these are those that you play against computer software.

Examples of the most popular slot machines from the game developer are shown below.

  • 221B Baker Street – this is a slot machine that is all about the famed Sherlock Holmes. As such, the game features symbols that revolve around the detective. The slot operates on a 5X3 grid, and it offers a total of 20 pay lines.
  • Asena – although this slot only has five pay lines, the game features several high-value symbols and a wild that will substitute for other symbols to constitute a win. The wild is a red book, and it doubles as a scatter, which means it will pay out free spins even if you do not land it in specific spots on the grid. It also provides a player with the chance to gamble his winnings, during which he can either double what he won or go bust.
  • Blazing Star – it is a fruit slot machine that also has five pay lines. It operates on a 5X3 grid, and the game is a little tight as it does not offer wilds or scatters to augment your chances of winning. At most, the slot will give you 100x your line bet if you land the high-value symbol five times on a recognised pay line.
  • Amazonia – this one also sits on a 5X3 grid. The slot has 15 pay lines, and those that love the Amazon rainforests will find familiarity in the symbols in this game. It has wilds and scatters that can help improve your winning chances, and it also has a gamble feature. However, the maximum you can win in the gamble feature is only £150.00.

Accessing Merkur on Mobile

As a game developer, the company does not have a mobile app. However, you can still play the company’s mobile games in two ways.

The first one is to download the app of the casino that is partnered with the game developer. Once you download the app, you should be able to access the slot machines or the other games.

The other method is to use a browser on your mobile device. The games were developed to play on mobile for as long as you have a modern browser.

Social Gaming Availability of Merkur Slots

The game developer does not produce social games that you can play on Facebook or a social media platform. Its key focus is to create software for casinos both online and offline. What this means is that you can only play them with real money, or you can try to access the demo versions.

Key Techniques to Play Merkur Slot Machines and Other Games

Since most of the game modules from the developer are slots, the techniques that will be shared with you below are focused in slot machines.

  • You should only play games from Merkur that offer more than ten pay lines. Although the company is known for producing 5-pay line slot machines, try to avoid these games because they have low probabilities of winning.
  • If you are in a land-based casino, choose the cabinets that belong to the Avant Garde Trio line. These cabinets house three games, and you will get a better gaming experience because you can switch from one slot to another.
  • Do not wager the maximum bet if you do not have deep pockets. You must remember that many slot machines today allow you to bet pennies per spin. This is the right approach, considering that you can extend your bankroll for many spins, thus giving you more chances to land winning combinations.
  • Look also for games that offer bonus rounds or a jackpot prize because you can win more money with the same amount of investment.

Merkur License and Security Details

Although the company is headquartered in Germany, its license comes from the Government of Curacao.

With over 60 years of experience in developing and distributing its games with affiliate networks and casinos, the company is well on top of its security systems, using those that can rival what is used by banks and other financial institutions.

As a premium game developer, the company provides safety and security as far as personal and financial information are concerned. In the first place, it would never have grown into what it is right now if not for the trust of many land-based and online-based casinos to its systems.

Summary for Merkur Game Developer Review

The company has been around for 60 years and continues to innovate the gaming experience of punters and gambling enthusiasts. However, most of these innovations can only be experienced in land-based casinos.

There are several online casinos that host Merkur online slots. But before you play them, you must try to find websites that offer Merkur free slots so you can practice and carefully assess how you will strategise and win.

One thing it can consider is to create more game variants or add a new genre of concentration like poker where pokies can gather and compete with one another.