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Brief Overview of the Gamesys Slots

Being established in 2001, Gamesys started with only a small team of developers. They had headquartered in London along with 7 global offices by the end of 2015. They have more than 900 employees. The company loves inventing, discovering, and implementing. It is one of the largest casino platforms that you will find over the internet. Though it started out as a UK company, the software is now available in all major casinos. If you are looking to try out some unusual choices, you need to take a look at the titles offered by Gamesys.

The company was established by Andrew Dixon, Noel Hayden, and Robin Tombs. This software developer has 12 years of experience behind it. It has proliferated to include some of the best gaming services along with some social media crossovers. It offers pokies, roulettes, and blackjack among its products.

Gamesys is popular for pushing its boundaries. Thus, it develops games which can excite the players. Moreover, they use state-of-the-art and latest techniques to achieve their mission. No doubt, they are one of the most entertaining online gaming companies that you can come across.

The company’s team of developers and designers forms an award-winning team. This has enabled them to become the engine room that they represent today. The company was put on the map when it developed the game JackpotJoy. This was the start of their journey into the market of online slots. The company has a staff of 1,000 spread across their 7 offices.

Highlights of Gamesys

In the year 2012, Gamesys was the first company to come up with real money gambling application for social media. The options developed by the company have various themes. They offer good fun to the players.

It is a unique platform that offers a standard game version. It offers 20 different slots with some table and video poker options. It can be said that the strong suit of the operator is the table options. These have a fair and polished quality. However, they don’t offer any setting for adjusting the speed.

The slots that the software company offers include an option of autospin or a necessary free spin feature. The company is a graphically slick software developer. Nonetheless, they offer a wide range of titles. As a matter of fact, their titles are available at the lowest cost in the market. This is something that players need to pay attention to. Their main aim is to cater to the demands of the players. Instead of just blindly believing what people have to say about this company, you need to take a look at what they have to offer.

If you take a closer look at the slots offered by Gamesys, you will notice that they have some specific features.

  • There are several dozens of Gamesys free slots to choose from. You will find options ranging from the simple slot to state-of-the-art 5-reel video slots;
  • The variety of game titles is unconventional, but they offer bonuses from the hosting casinos. As a matter of fact, some sites have a diverse range of bonuses;
  • The titles have creative and crisp graphics which makes them more interesting;
  • There are unique themes which run throughout the game range. It offers great fun to the providers while running for a jackpot;
  • The choices can be played over a varying range of platforms. Hence, playing the titles becomes a lot easier since it supports mobile gaming.

Variety of Gamesys Slots Offered

Gamesys casino has an extensive library when it comes to products. These are all about exciting plots and high quality. When it is about the most prominent product of the company, this company is capable of breaking all types of records.

You might have heard about the award-winning film, The Godfather. This has been turned into a game by the software developer. There are various choices which have been offered by this casino. Take a look at the list:

  • A Girl’s Best Friend;
  • Mystery Wilds;
  • Ballroom Stars;
  • Barnyard Bonanza;
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s;
  • Bullion Bonanza;
  • Double Bubble.

Each and every title that Gamesys games offer is unique in its features. You will come to know this when you start playing. However, not every game will provide you with a multiple bonus range.

Mobile Casino

The online casino makes sure that you have the best gaming experience. This is the reason they have made sure that the popular choices are available for playing on various platforms. It should not come as a surprise that a majority of the players want to play Gamesys online slots through their smartphone. If you have fast internet speed, you will be able to access this through your mobile phones or tablets. All you have to do is to make sure that it is running on Android, iOS, or Windows to play mobile games.

Social Media Gaming

If you do not want to download the application on your mobile or play through the web browser, you can just log into your social media account and start playing. Gamesys gaming has a gambling app for social media like Facebook. Thus, betting to win some money has become much easier these days.

Tips to Win Slots

If you have to win money by playing Gamesys slots, there are a few things that you need to follow.

  • You can take advantage of the sign-up bonuses. At times, there is a registration bonus which can help you to boost your bankroll;
  • Make sure that you go for titles that have the highest payouts. This might appear like an obvious trick, but people tend to make this mistake. With the RTP percentage choose the machine which pays out to the players more money than the others. RTP is the wagered money which is paid back to the players;
  • Do not forget to consider the volatility of the titles. At times, this is called risk level or variance. It measures the risk which is involved in playing the Gamesys slot machines. One with low volatility has a less but more frequent win. However, the one that has higher volatility pays more with less frequency. You can opt for the one that you prefer;
  • Irrespective of how good an online casino is, their main aim is to make a profit. Gamesys license and affiliate is for keeping the casinos legal. There are some things which are not easy to find. There are some less generous slots where you can play and lose. You need to look for them.

Security and Reliability

Gamesys has the license to operate in various jurisdictions which includes Spain and Gibraltar. Some of its brands have secured a license from the UK Gambling Commission. Every game that they offer undertakes a stringent review and testing process prior to making them go live. They use Random Number Generator to keep the outcome reliable and genuine.

Final Words

Gamesys might be new to the world of online slots, but they have certainly made a place for themselves. They have achieved the reputation of being one of the most entertaining gaming developers. Their game The Godfather is still rocking the gaming world. It is pretty evident that they prefer quality over quantity. The developer offers a sterling gaming experience to the players.