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Ainsworth formally referred to as Ainsworth Game Technology is an online casinos software development company founded in 1995 by the Aristocrat owner Len Ainsworth in Australia. From its conception, it has been an applaud-worthy provider of land-based machines, and it later diversified to offering online pokies in Australia and around the world in regions like Europe, New Zealand, Macau and the Americas.

Up until 2013, Ainsworth was still not as keen on the online casino market as its counterparts in the business. However, the popularity of online casinos and the corresponding mobile usage made them evolve with the changing times. In 2016, Novomatic, a much bigger provider showed interest in acquiring Ainsworth Game Technology. After two years of negotiations and intense scrutiny from several iGaming authorities, the founder bowed to selling 52% of AGT’s shares worth $371 million. The deal was sealed January 2018, making Novomatic its major shareholder.

So far, they boast of hosting a long list of slot titles which includes classics, video slots, and progressives, which you can try out on both land-based and online platforms. Other than their user-friendly interface, most fervent slot machine gamers enjoy pokies from this brand because they are usually highly volatile, especially since they come with in-game bonus features.

For those who don’t really know about the huge role that Ainsworth plays in the gambling business as a whole, spend the next few minutes reading this review for an exclusive overview of the brand. Let’s dig in!

Outstanding Features from Ainsworth Slots

To increase the player’s chances of winning and make things more exciting, Ainsworth slots are typically crafted with bonus features, especially in their online varieties. Some of these features are such as:

  • Graphics & Themes

To make their titles as immersive as it can get, the new generation of Ainsworth pokies come crafted with HD graphics to unfold the theme of the game in crystal clear style.

  • Free Spins

This bonus feature gets you an opportunity to spin the reels at no extra cost. The number of free spins you’ll receive will rely on the symbols you land or the achievement you’ve unlocked in the game.

  • Multipliers

This is yet another payout boosting feature you will encounter particularly in the more modern video pokies from Ainsworth Gaming. This feature simply multiplies your winnings using a certain factor after unlocking a certain condition in the game, but they could also be rewarded at random.

  • Wilds and Scatters

Wilds and scatters usually popping up in the screen at random to make things more captivating. These wilds usually replace all the remaining symbols in the machine while scatters will appear once you land a winning combination and they (scatters) are often responsible for unveiling bonus rounds.

  • Progressive Jackpots

In an effort to show the big dreamers that their millionaire dreams are valid, AGT also boasts of offering some super juicy standalone and linked progressive jackpots in its slots.

Ainsworth Games

  • Slot Machines

Out of all the casino games available online, slots machines are the most popular, with millions of players enjoying them both offline and online. It’s no wonder why this provider has specialized in crafting pokie machines alone. Currently, it’s a proud supplier of over 550 different internet-based hotshots and about 3,500 hits in regulated brick and mortar casinos. Some of its newest hits by category are as follows:

  • Licensed Themes: King Kong, Magnificent Seven Reloaded, Pac-Man Wild Edition.
  • Stand Alone Progressives: Fire Power Jackpots, Thunder Hits, Stacked Up, Triple Shot, Win Storm, Big Hit Bonanza, Golden Cash.
  • Multi-Denomination Games: Multi-Play Treasures, Multi Play Fire Star, Multi Play Mustang Series, Quad Shot King Spin II.
  • Mystery Jackpots: Big Chief Mystery, World of Jackpots, Wheel Winner, Oriental Express, Snake Mystery.
  • Linked Progressives: Oriental Gold, Dream Strike, Cash Adventures.
  • Other Games

In case you are a fan of other casino games such as blackjack, baccarat and video poker, you are out of luck with Ainsworth. This software company only produces slot machines, which is very unfortunate for players with other interests.

We hope that they will make an effort to create other types of casino games in the near future so that players who want to try anything else apart from pokies can have a good time as well. In the meantime, keep coming back to our site, we will keep you posted as soon as they release any other casino games.

Ainsworth Mobile Gaming

As part of their mission statement, AGT insists on their resolve to craft titles with cross-platform compatibility so that they are supported across all mobile devices. Thus, if you are a fan of playing on the go, then you should try some of their custom designed HTML5 mobile games. They can run on both Android and iOS mobile operating systems, and so far, they are very responsive irrespective of the screen size of your device, with crystal clear graphics as well as impressive sound quality.

AGT Social Gaming

Following the growing usage of social media, Ainsworth saw an opportunity lurking, and they added the social gaming feature on their online gambling platform. By the time they launched it, social gaming was still a new concept, but in the past few years, its popularity has rapidly increased.

Being that Social gaming is an act of playing online casino games for fun using virtual currencies over a social media platform like Facebook, Ainsworth social gaming has been able to get to multitudes of people playing online around the world. In case you are interested, you can try out their exclusive Players Paradise Slots and King Spin Slots app, both which have native apps for Android and iOS.

Strategies of Winning Ainsworth Slots

Without question, luck plays a major role whenever you are playing games in Ainsworth online casinos. Even so, there are tried and tested tricks you can employ to increase your chances of winning. Listed below are some of the most effective techniques you can use to get more bang out of your buck with AGT:

  • Decide on your win or loss limit before you start playing

Before you start playing on a real money slot machine, you must decide a win or loss limit that works for you. This is simply the point where you will call it quits whenever you reach any of the limits you set. Thankfully, with many Ainsworth free slots, you can track how you play and how much money you have spent so that as soon as you reach your limit, you will know to avoid spending or losing more money on the game.

  • Always play the lowest-denomination slot machine

As you play Ainsworth online slots, it is imperative that you go through all the denominations presented to you and choose the cheapest on. The lowest denomination presents the lowest risk as compared to the other expensive ones. Better yet, if you are on a budget, you will have fun for much longer.

  • Consider joining the reward clubs

Make an effort to join a rewards club or any other clubs that may be available in the Ainsworth casino you are playing in. That’s because as you play the games you will earn points, and after you have accumulated enough points, you can later redeem them for other prizes, gifts and most cases real money cash.

  • Pick machines with in-game bonus features

Many of the newly released Ainsworth slots come with cool entertainment features, adjustable paylines, mini-games, free spins, wilds, multipliers and scatters. While they might require you to be prepared with a bigger bankroll, these bonus features are usually key to making more money as long as you align the right symbols together. Classic 3-reel titles on the other hand mostly lack all these features, but if you are looking to spend less, they can still be quite fulfilling.

  • Avoid linked progressive slots if you are on a tight budget

Progressive slots may be fine as they can sometimes present you with life-changing payouts, sometimes even up to hundreds of millions of dollars. However, before you play them, you must note that they present very huge risks, especially since chasing the jackpot may mean staking maximum bets on every spin.

Ainsworth License and Slot Machines Security

In case you had doubts about the security of Ainsworth slots, you should know that the brand is affiliated with reputable online gaming jurisdictions such as the UK Gambling Commission and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. These two gaming authorities take security matters seriously, and they can’t license a provider if it hasn’t met some stringent security and fairness standards.

Additionally, any of the Ainsworth slots available in the market have their Random Number Generators properly vetted by top casino games auditing firms so that every gamer can have a fair shot at winning.

Parting Shot

The best part about playing games from this developer is that they are available both as Ainsworth free online slots and for real money. You don’t even have to go through the hassle of downloading software if you don’t feel like, thanks to their responsive HTML5 designs. For anyone who considers themselves a lover of spinning the reels, this software provider will not disappoint you. Give any of its titles a few quick spins, and you will easily get hooked for hours non-stop!